Upcoming workshop on MINDFULNESS & CANCER (starts Feb 12 in Pointe-Claire Village): How to find the peace, calm and strength you need to cope. An 8-week workshop for people with cancer and their loved ones.
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The purpose of mindfulness is to get past your expectations and see how shoulds and shouldn’ts set you up and keep you stuck. The special attention that makes this possible is a natural state of mind that has been strengthened and cultivated.

Mindfulness helps you understand and let go of reactivity. It’s not easy to be objective about yourself because all perception is colored. However, you can learn to see through your prejudices and be objective about your own life.

To do this you must become less reactive and more conscious. It takes a light touch. The first-hand experience you gain from ongoing practice gives you a more reliable foundation than any theory or moral code. By tapping in to the natural advantages of paying attention you create more choices for yourself and more confidence to choose. This is what it means to find your own way.

Mindfulness is not a belief system or a technique. It’s a personal thing that you can only discover for yourself, but you still need a support system. That’s what we’re here for.

I teach public workshops in the Montreal area and give mindfulness training to people with cancer and other chronic conditions, as well as those caring for them. I also give private talks on request and offer corporate mindfulness training.

Corporate Mindfulness Training: Productive, energizing and empowering. Customized personal development programs. Download our brochure here.




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