Stress is in you, not outside. It’s triggered by automaticity—mental habits you learned long ago. In those overwhelming moments it seems impossible that you could ever change them. But you can.

You develop new responses to stress by learning to be mindful of your inner triggers. It takes practice, and the rewards go way beyond stress reduction. You develop a new understanding of yourself and the ability to manage your life even if everything’s falling apart. You’ll be amazed.

For this journey into yourself you need support, and that’s presumably why you’re here here. Scroll down and you’ll see we’ve got everything from articles to guided meditations to interviews with people who’re really changing their lives. Best of all, check out our recorded and live workshops where you can meet people like you who are learning to change their lives.

  1. Start with Your Daily Meds—a series of 10-minute meditations guiding you into the basic states of meditation.
  2. For more context, download some hour-long workshops.
  3. For conversations about matters of belief and awakening, read my blog, The Naked Monk.
  4. To learn how other people deal with the same issues, listen to Mindful Lives.
  5. And when you’re ready to curl up with a good read, pick up a copy of The Novice. Or delve into a fascinating guide to Buddhist meditation: It Begins with Silence.
All of these and more are available below. Browse away, and share with your friends. It’s all right here—and so am I when you need me.
Interviews with thoughtful people
Your Daily Meds
The Naked Monk
The Art of Letting Go
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