Corporate Mindfulness

Over the years you’ve probably seen coworkers and friends (even yourself) grow stressed or burn out due to poor work-life balance. There’s no question: everyone is subject to steadily mounting stress.

Countless studies have suggested that a regular mindfulness practice can help employees become more engaged and focused, therefore more creative, productive, and efficient. Mindfulness plays an important role in overall lifestyle changes to improve your well-being.

In brief, mindfulness works by helping people to be less reactive or impulsive in stressful situations. The “busyness” of life leads many of us to constantly be operating in autopilot mode. When we are on autopilot we are often distracted, which can lead to making bad decisions. By consciously becoming more present, we can more easily assess all aspects of a situation, be fully engaged with what a customer is saying to us, and really listen to our coworkers – as opposed to simply going through the motions, already thinking about the next task on the to-do list. Mindfulness helps us to be less distracted, which allows for greater creativity, increased focus, and greater productivity.

Microsoft, Google, SAP, Nike, Trivago, LinkedIn, and even the Chicago Cubs have implemented mindfulness programs for the employees in their organizations.

The process:
— Initial meeting with our CORPORATE WELLNESS EVENT PLANNER to review your organization’s needs—the types of stressors challenging your employees, the corporate culture, an overall picture of your employees and how we can help
— Detailed proposal based on your needs
— Free intro session by Stephen
— Launch of the program
— Regular follow up to ensure that your needs are met

To give you more insight into how all this works download our eBook: Mindfulness at Work..