How it Works

You open your eyes in the morning and boom—you’re on auto-pilot. You eat your breakfast, drive to work and drink your coffee hardly noticing what’s going on around you. Instead, your head is filled with thoughts—running, colliding and overwhelming.

Sound familiar?

There’s more to life than automaticity, but how do you break out of this comfort zone? It begins by learning to trust yourself. Self-reliance isn’t a given. You grow it with your own bare hands from experience and reflection. It comes from getting to know, respect and like yourself.

To embark on this journey into yourself you need a support system, and here you are. This page offers a variety of ways to help you explore your full potential.

1. Start with Your Daily Meds—a series of 10-minute meditations guiding you into the basic stages of meditation.
2. For more context, download an hour-long workshop.
3. For conversations about matters of belief and awakening, read the blog, The Naked Monk.
4. To learn how other people deal with the same issues, listen to Mindful Lives.
5. And when you’re ready to curl up with a good read, pick up a copy of The Novice. Or delve into a fascinating guide to Buddhist meditation: It Begins with Silence.