How it Works

The purpose of mindfulness is to get past your expectations and see how shoulds and shouldn’ts set you up and keep you stuck. The special attention that makes this possible is mindfulness—a natural state of mind that can be cultivated and strengthened.

Mindfulness helps you understand and let go of reactivity. It’s not easy to be objective about yourself because all perception is colored. However, you can learn to see through your natural prejudices and be objective about your own life.

This takes a light touch. The goal is to become less reactive and more conscious. The first-hand experience you gain from ongoing practice gives you a more reliable foundation than any theory or moral code. By tapping in to this natural process you create more choices for yourself and more confidence to make your choices.

Mindful reflection is not a belief system or a technique. It’s a personal thing that you discover for yourself, a gift for you and those around you.