Cost: $165.00 per person (incl. GST/PST)

Eight Wednesday evenings
Fall 2018
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Church of St-John the Baptist
233, avenue Sainte-Claire
Pointe-Claire, QC H9S 4E3
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Stress affects us all, but we often react to it in ways that make it worse. By letting go of reactivity, you let go of stress and your mind becomes calmer. The mental state you establish in this way is creative, proactive and life-changing. Through it you examine yourself and find options that you never noticed before. You have greater say in how you live your life and who you actually are.

Usually we assume we know who we are—we muddle along. But muddling is no way to add explore the deep meaning of your life. Insight and empathy happen as you practice mindful attention.

Mindfulness is a natural skill that you can develop to improve your well-being, be more present, calm the mind and create more choices in how you respond to life. It:
— reduces worry & stress
— improves focus
— fosters empathy
— builds confidence
— enhances your quality of life

Benefits of mindfulness: Davis & Hayes, APA journal Psychotherapy (Vol 43, No. 7; Jul/Aug 2012)

Mindfulness has a radically different approach to the question, “Who are you?”

Instead of reciting the same old name, rank and number, you’re urged to focus on your experience in the present moment and ask, “How does that feel?”

That’s very different from the story of who you are, or the theory of who you should be. You find yourself by paying attention to how you are now. The end result is more open-ended, yet also clearer. Along the way you learn to let go of “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts.”

Imagine being able to sit quietly for a few minutes at a time, getting to know yourself in this very real way. It frees you from old thought-patterns, gives you brand new perspectives and avoids the dead-ends of negative thinking and positive thinking.

Yes, positive thinking has its limitations too. That’s why mindfulness is all about curious thinking: an openness to the way things are even when you don’t like them. You end up with more options and greater balance. You see so much more in each moment. Instead of being defeated by failures, they help you learn and grow.

You befriend yourself, and out of this grows integrity, passion, ethics and kindness.

Who you are is a constantly changing target. You are not fixed and never have to feel stuck. You just have to get used to tearing yourself away from the safe and familiar.

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How Workshops Work

We explore each topic in a series of ninety-minute sessions. Each one includes: —three or four five-minute periods of guided meditation; —about forty minutes of discourse about techniques and attitude; —a half-hour of question & answer. You sit on mats with cushions or on upright chairs, as you prefer; we want you to be comfortable. Chairs are provided; bring your own mat, blanket or cushion to sit on the floor. We work with experience, not theory; concentration and reflection are natural features of your mind, to be strengthened by practice and commitment. We do not practice chanting or bowing; you’re asked only to believe in yourself. Exercises include basic breath awareness, concentration exercises, body scans and the occasional visualization.


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A NOTE ABOUT PAYMENT Our fees are reasonable, and we are open to appeals from anyone in difficult circumstances. As long as we have space, no one is turned away. Thanks for your understanding. We look forward to sitting with you soon. —Stephen & Caroline

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