5 Things That You Need to De-Stress and Get Back on Track

Cost: $150.00

Five Tuesday evenings
7:30 – 9:00 pm; Feb 7 – Mar 14, 2017
H~OM Yoga Wellness, 3187 Harwood
Promenades Hudson: Hwy 40; Exit 28: $150

In this workshop you’ll learn:

1: What to do when you feel overwhelmed by stress, and how to change your response to it.
2: To acknowledge, understand and see through your present way of reacting to stress.
3: How to develop a new attitude to stress and a commitment to change.
4: To effectively let go of habitual reactions.
5: To build confidence, to explore yourself ever more deeply and to face what you’ve been avoiding.
6: To like, respect and share yourself more freely.

Register over on the right, or call 450-853-0616 for more information.


Sorry, no drop-ins; we ask for your commitment. Most people miss one or two sessions.

How Workshops Work

We explore each topic in a series of ninety-minute sessions. Each one includes:
—three or four five-minute periods of guided meditation;
—about forty minutes of discourse about techniques and attitude;
—a half-hour of question & answer.

You sit on mats with cushions or on upright chairs, as you prefer; we want you to be comfortable. We work with experience, not theory; concentration and reflection are natural features of your mind, to be strengthened by practice and commitment. We do not practice chanting or bowing and you aren’t asked to believe or disbelieve anything. Exercises include basic breath awareness, concentration exercises, body scans and the occasional visualization.


Fill out the form on the right and we’ll confirm your place by email.

Please mail your cheque well in advance to:

NOTE: Please make
cheques payable to
Stephen Schettini.
Thank you.
416 Olympic
Hudson (Québec)

We issue receipts on demand.

Our fees are reasonable, and we are open to appeals from anyone in difficult circumstances. As long as we have space, no one is turned away.

Thanks for your understanding. We look forward to sitting with you soon. —Stephen & Caroline

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Payment Policy

We keep our fees to a minimum to make workshops accessible to all. Please commit to the process by paying in full, in advance: cheques to be sent promptly; last-minute payments in cash.

Please also reserve for me the following books:

Why I Became a Buddhist Monk, Why I Quit and What I Learned

Disillusioned by Western culture and middle-class values, Stephen Schettini sets out in search of life's purpose, and discovers the world of Tibetan Buddhism. In this lyrical and affecting memoir, Schettini ruthlessly questions his spiritual pretensions and, after eight years as a monk, discovers the extraordinary power of self-reliance.

It Begins With Silence: $25

The Art of Mindful Reflection

As we grow up, we first form ourselves and then engage with the world outside. However, we then tend to stay put, busy and stressed; we lose touch with our roots and our real potential. The path of Mindful Reflection reminds and encourages us to return, to keep exploring and to keep rediscovering ourselves.

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