Apr 10 – May 29, 2019
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

This mindfulness workshop will explore how your beliefs empower and limit you.

We all believe in something. Whether it’s about politics, the sort of person you are or the origins of the universe, your ability to shape your own perceptions is what makes you uniquely human. Many of the beliefs you hold may seem inescapable—but are they? You’re free to hold no opinion, but do you dare?

This is not a lesson in what’s right and wrong. It’s a hands-on approach to something rarely questioned: the costs of what you believe.

Using mindful techniques to explore your own mind, you’ll see for yourself how beliefs, opinions and prejudices empower you—and how they limit you.

What do you believe in? Right and wrong? Obviously. God? Not so obvious. (Are you bad if you don’t?) How about climate change, ghosts or the right to bear arms? What’s the difference between beliefs and opinions?

Stephen explores the beliefs that are common to all people, disentangling the complicated tapestry of culture to expose the simple truths about ourselves, our societies and the world we just can’t stop remodeling.

By the end of this workshop you’ll understand that the chain of reactive feelings, defensive thoughts and the unsettled mind can be broken. You’ll know how to establish your own inner source of mental peace and have a clearer sense of how you construct your world. Above all, you’ll have internalized the tools you need to unburden yourself, and the insights you need to use them.

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Cost: $170.00 per person

To secure your place either:
Pay in full: $170.00
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Mail your cheque to:
Stephen Schettini
416 Olympic
Hudson (Québec)

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Church of St-John the Baptist
233, avenue Sainte-Claire
Pointe-Claire, QC H9S 4E3
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How Workshops Work

We explore a series of related topics. Each session includes:
—three or four five-minute periods of guided meditation;
—at least one half-hour of question & answer.
You sit on mats with cushions or on upright chairs, as you prefer; we want you to be comfortable. Chairs are provided; bring your own mat, blanket or cushion to sit on the floor. We work with experience, not theory. Concentration and reflection are natural features of your mind, to be strengthened by practice and commitment. We do not practice chanting or bowing; you’re asked only to believe in yourself. Exercises include basic breath awareness, concentration exercises, body scans and the occasional visualization.

A NOTE ABOUT PAYMENT Our fees are reasonable, and we are open to appeals from anyone in difficult circumstances. As long as we have space, no one is turned away. Thanks for your understanding. We look forward to sitting with you soon. —Stephen & Caroline

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