Mindfulness Support on Zoom

Starts Monday November 30, 2020
The most productive thirty minutes of your day, and you don’t have to do a thing.
You’re Here Because:
  • You want to learn mindfulness
  • You get it, but you don’t stick to it
  • You want to be more mindful, but it’s hard
  • You want peace
  • You want instruction from a mindfulness expert
  • You’ve used apps like Insight Timer and Headspace, and are ready for something different

“…best investment of time I’ve ever made…”

"Everybody is respectful of our silence and participation. There is no pressure. I just love this class and will go miles to be present for many more years to come. I’ve finally attained self-control during different difficult situations and feel more at peace. I am more sensitive to people and take more time to react very differently than before. Even my co-workers have commented and appreciate my new approach. I look forward to continuing my training.”

Diane Du Cap, Production Manager

“Thank you very much for the wonderful mindfulness course. It was thought-provoking and calming at the same time. My practice is well established. I believe that I am on my way.”

Hildegard Brack PhD; Psychologist
The power of the group

You’re in good hands here, among friends and part of a growing mindfulness community. No, you’re not nuts to want this.

In my public workshops (since 2003), many people never said a word. They’d drive through rain, snow and hail just to sit in silence together! Now you can be connected in the comfort of your own home.

Sitting with others reminds you that what you’re doing takes a special sort of effort. Mindfulness goes against the stream of worldly concerns; you need all the support you can get to grow your practice.

You’ll see each other in the Zoom meetings, and of course you’ll hear me. In each 30-minute session I'll deliver a guided mindfulness practice and a teaching to reflect on. Your questions and comments are addressed in our Facebook Group and I look forward to your feedback. You’ll meet others like you, and there’ll be interesting posts too.

What You Get
  • Deep insight into your own reactivity, incl. how you tick & how automaticity limits you
  • Down-to-earth, clear instruction; not religious, not spiritual, no chanting, no mumbo-jumbo
  • Confidence, with the tools you need to face daily uncertainty and stress
  • Great value: everyone in your house can participate
  • Your questions answered promptly
  • A systematic practice you can rely on
  • Enormous, ongoing physical changes to body and mind, including fewer stress hormones and improved immune function
  • You participate in a massive global movement to promote real peace in the world
Payment Plans

We offer three payment options that you can upgrade at any time


Three payment plans, same unlimited support.
Subscribe monthly, quarterly or annually. Start with thirty days free trial. You’re charged AFTER the trial period is over. Cancel any time within 30 days.

Inner peace doesn’t just happen. It takes sustained effort.