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A Word from Your Guide Stephen Schettini

CAD $25.00/month

Immediate benefits!

• Tools to end overwhelm, uncertainty and anxiety.
• Peace, calm, energy and clarity.
• Understand and change your knee-jerk reactions in uncomfortable situations.
• Clear instructions to keep you motivated and on track
• Direct access to Stephen and/or Caroline
• Great value: everyone in your house can participate.

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How it Works: THEMES

This is not just body scanning. Stephen uses themes and stories for a deeper understanding of how your mind works.

Each week we focus on one themes . Each session is brief and focused. You get a guided mindfulness practice, in-depth teaching and a visualization that leaves you prepped for the rest of the day. This happens live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12-noon ET, if you're around. If not, a link to the recording lands in your Inbox shortly afterwards.

Join us when you can. Keep audio/video off if you prefer. Some stay to chat afterwards; some don't. Be anonymous or be gregarious. It's up to you. We're here to make your life easier, not harder. Our commitment is to provide you with a structure you can build into your life, that supports a genuine practice of personal development and joy.

This will literally change the way you experience life

“I've been to many meditation teachers over the last 20 years, and Stephen is refreshing and relevant in a way I've never quite encountered before. With his background of "outgrowing" traditional cultures and integrating modern psychological understanding, it really works for me. He's academically brilliant and yet that's just a small accent to his practical and humorous teaching style and instructions. Mindfulness Live is different to other online mindfulness services because it's live, not a set of recordings, and structured around themes; I also like that it consists of regular short sessions rather than a few mega long ones. Has changed my life in many ways.”

Kelle Link, UX Designer
Long-term Benefits

• We're always here to support you
• Strong focus and clarity of mind
• Lowered stress response; improved immune function, etc.
• Optimism, meaning, purpose, joy, self-compassion, empathy...

• I’m LIVE—not a set of recordings
• You can actually talk to me
• Classes are structured around themes
• I'm there 3x a week for your convenience
• I have Caroline's input!
• Cost is less than a coffee a day
• I was 8 years a Buddhist monk…
• …writing & teaching for 40 years
• I bring a historical, scientific & objective approach to Buddhism
• I don't have all the answers—just questions that will change your life


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