Executive Mindfulness Coaching

It’s not uncommon to experience a sense of unease when you reach a certain point in life. It could be empty nest syndrome or retirement. It could be the simple realization that time’s flying by. Sometimes it’s shocking enough to prompt you out of a rut and make you do what you always wanted. You’re older now, and have the advantage of experience. You have much to build on.

Everyone would love to be young again—but not many would give up their hard-earned experience. You’ve learned how things work and how to survive. Now perhaps it’s time to flourish. There's no reason for your life to ever feel mundane again! By understanding your own mind from the inside, you come to fully accept yourself and deepen your connection to those around you.

Where to begin? This period of uncertainty is best negotiated with an open heart and mind. Follow my lead and you’ll rediscover the time and space you gave up so long ago in order to fill your life with knowledge, skills and goals. We spend our youth too busy for ourselves. Now it’s time to step back and grow stronger, clearer and happier.

Let me share with you what I learned as a Buddhist monk, husband, step-father and mindfulness coach. I’ve been to the bottom (see my TEDx talk) and recreated myself several times over. I have over 50 years of experience and can help you work towards a more meaningful and joyful life. By taking the time to care for yourself you’ll find deep meaning and purpose in your life and develop introspective tools that will move you forward with confidence.

For more information contact me directly below. All correspondence is strictly confidential.