Personal Guided Meditation

Stephen’s specialty is Personal Guide Meditation. In addition to weekly or bi-weekly meetings to explore your specific needs, you’ll follow a daily regimen of tailored, recorded meditations that address your life situation as it is now. These recordings are personally crafted for you and draw on Stephen's extensive experience to help you integrate mindfulness into all that you do.

It was my pleasure to have Stephen mentor me prior to my founding the Mindful Reflection Community. Stephen's ability to articulate Buddhist wisdom in contemporary terms is exceptional. We met over a period of six months, and his teaching style helped me develop the confidence I needed to explore Mindful Reflection and teach others too. He helped me find my voice. His book It Begins With Silence has been an invaluable study tool. I highly recommend Stephen as a mindfulness coach. He's extremely knowledgeable, personable, skilled as a teacher and mentor–and fun to work with too!—Terry Kinsey
Founder, Mindful Reflection Community
Unity Temple, Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Oak Park, IL