It Begins With Silence

ONLINE: Ten Zoom Classes: Sept 11 - Nov 20, 2021*
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm ET

* except Oct 30th

No charge; donations accepted

Ten Saturday Afternoon Sessions

The Buddha was a pragmatist who taught that how you live is far more important than what you believe. He prescribed an ethical way of life based on mindfulness, clarity and compassion—mindful reflection.

Are you ready to explore your silence? Do you want to stop your reactivity? How did the Buddha do it, and how can you?

Stephen Schettini delves into the Buddhist scriptures, avoiding the clichés, dogmas and superstition to shine a crisp light on this simple message from the past: Let go, wake up, flourish.

Rather than relying on scriptural analysis, Stephen demonstrates how to fathom the Buddha’s intent from your own experience. The goal is not simply to understand what is said, but to discover that meaning within you.

Join Stephen in this ten-week course to creatively explore your own moment-to-moment experience through the Buddha’s mindful eye.

Stephen Schettini was a Buddhist monk for eight years in Asia and Switzerland before giving up his robes and moving to Canada. Turning away from both religion and scholarship, he contemplated in everyday terms just what the Buddha had in mind. In 2003, he began teaching Mindful Reflection and founded He now hosts, helping people create and maintain an ongoing, lifelong practice.

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